Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Where o Where is my Tablet?

My tablet pc has been at Toshiba HQ in Irvine, CA since June 27th. I have heard from one person since it arrived that they have received it and would look into what is wrong and then absolutely nothing.

If I call their support line I can find no one who can tell me what is going on with my tablet, because it is not in the usual support system. I get forwarded, put on hold, forwarded again... to be put on hold to no avail. I can't reach anyone unless I am willing to sit on the phone when I am supposed to be at work for hours at a time. The last time I called I waited over ninety minutes to get to someone who could tell me what is going on, if they know what they are going to do, or what, only to have to hang up because I could not sit around waiting all day.

I will try again tomorrow morning and hope I can get through, or that someone in the depths of Toshiba will give me a call to let me know what is going on with my tablet pc.


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