Monday, July 10, 2006

Toshiba Called...

I received a call from Toshiba.

I was told that my notebook will be mailed back to me today. The engineers did several software and hardware upgrades and adjustments and fixed one cosmetic issue. The individual I spoke with could not tell me what the upgrades and adjustments are. I am guessing they replaced the HDD, which was one of the things that overheated badly, and did yet another motherboard replacement. Hopefully when I receive the notebook they will have notes of what exactly they did do.

They also tried to sound cheery and said they included an extra 256 megs of ram, but if they read the logs (including those sent with the notebook) they would have seen I had 2GB of ram, the max the system supports. They specifically state when you send in the notebook to not include 3rd party upgrades, including ram and HDD, so I included the memory the machine came with... however, in prior repairs and when communicating with tech support they have noted the machine has 2GB of aftermarket ram, and that overheating occurs with original ram and aftermarket, which should discount the ram causing the problem.

I hope that the notebook is genuinely fixed. Throwing a token 256 megs of ram for 90 days of waiting and 4 repair trips seems a bit little for the time lost, and is certainly far less than what I requested ( a new replacement of the lemon I had ), but we'll see. It certainly doesn't bode well that the engineers again failed to read the documentation included with the notebook and in the prior repairs...

They also haven't given me the tracking number yet, but I'm assuming that it will be back in my hands in the next couple of days and I will be able to see what they did.


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