Thursday, July 06, 2006

No Response

I called Toshiba this morning using the contact information available on their BBB Report. The number is 1-949-583-3000, and is publically available on their BBB profile and their customer support gave it to me when they realized they could tell me nothing about the status of my notebook; nothing about my notebook is recorded anywhere in their records other than it went to Toshiba Irvine.

My main contact is on vacation until July 10th. I asked the receptionist to direct me to someone else who can help me on the issue, and I was transferred to a customer relations department that was closed and informed they are not open from 11am to 1pm and that customer questions should go to their toll free number.

It would not make sense to call the toll free number again since that is where I started I called back and tried to get directed to their primary contact, again listed on the BBB website as Heather Hillewaert. I got to her voicemail and left a message.

I noticed that on their BBB report that their unanswered complaints have increased since starting this blog.


Blogger SimonGodOfHairdos said...

Wait, is your contact by any chance a man named John Kelly? Because that is who I connected with today, and he ALSO said he was going on vacation next week and wouldn't be around to field any questions I may have. If it's the same guy then he goes on A LOT of vacations, and now I think that it's a big, fat LIE!

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