Monday, July 10, 2006

My call history sure is getting long...

It now seems to take about 5 to 10 minutes for a tech to read over my notes.

My notebook was received at Irvine June 29th, and I received a call confirming it from Toshiba on the 30th and that it would be looked into and repaired as soon as possible.

Last week I called Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each call got me nowhere; no one knew where my notebook was our the status of it, other than it was received by Irvine. My main contact went on vacation and the relation specialist listed as the main contact on the BBB does not return phone calls.

I called today at 8:30am in order to ensure everyone would be in office; it appears relations works from 5am to 4pm. Talked to a nice guy at technical support who put me on hold for 18 minutes trying to get a customer relations person on the phone. He stopped the hold long enough to tell me that he still can't get a relations person, then put me back on hold for another 4 minutes, only to be forwarded to a busy signal and hung up on.

Called back and reached another tech named Carlos. He seemed to read a large amount of notes, and unlike most techs I actually did not have to repeat the story. He actually told me what the last few calls were about, and actually noted that it appeared that I never was successfully transferred to a custom relations rep by the previous tech. 2 minutes later he told me that my issue has been escalated to the highest level and a corporate customer relations will be contacting me directly today. If, for some reason, that doesn't happen call back tomorrow and try again.


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