Thursday, July 06, 2006

Found another person with Toshiba problems

Not the same problem I am having, but problems none the less. The guy has a Toshiba Qosmio G15 with a bad fan and an onsite warranty. But guess what? Toshiba won't honor the onsite warranty and is forcing him to send in the notebook for repair anyway... this after a long history of problems with his notebook including the motherboard being replaced and his power cord bursting into flames.

You can read more at his blog, Minutes 2 Midnight.

He has a nice letter he is sending to Toshiba and a threat to report this all to the BBB. Too bad that Toshiba has 405 ignored complaints, 5 more than when I started blogging my problems on June 30th.


Blogger Midnight Oil said...

Hi Spybyscript,

Thanks for the link to my site. I've updated my original post to point to yours, as well. I hope you have success as you try to extract your tablet PC from Repair Purgatory. It is extremely annoying that Toshiba has ignored such a large number of BBB complaints. But fortunately, there is one thing that no company can ignore: Lots of negative publicity. If enough people find out about a customer problem (as in this example)
something will get done.

So, here's to the blogosphere and to the publicity that it has the potential to generate. Good Luck!!

7:22 PM  

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