Thursday, July 06, 2006

Digg This!

I've put my story up on Digg. Still no response from Toshiba, I've called them back several times today and cannot find anyone... at all... who knows where my notebook is. They literally aren't even sure if it is still at Irvine when I ask someone, and the two people who may be able to answer my questions for sure are either on vacation or not responding to any phone calls or messages.

I guess I can see why the BBB gives up on getting an answer from Toshiba on any complaints now. A legitimate customer can't even get through to find out about their notebook, and as far as customer support goes they can't even verify if it is actually at Irvine anymore, that maybe it never was received (although I did get a call saying it was received) or that it was already sent back to me (and I did not get a call or information about that, either, and the support person was simply making guesses).

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