Friday, June 30, 2006

And Now ...

When I started this blog I decided to keep the name of the company out of the mess. The company is Toshiba. I bought a Tecra M4 Tablet PC, which had the best hardware you can get for a tablet at the time. I loved it, I even went out of my way to let others know that and to answer questions on forums like the The Tablet PC Buzz.

Then I had my encounter with their technical and customer support. I know what it is like to work in technical support, I have done that in the past before I got into software development, but there is no excuse for what they have done... Apparently to many besides myself, according to their BBB report. You can see a link to their report on the sidebar.

The letter received from the better business bureau said that Toshiba ignored all requests. I guess my request falls into the 400 unanswered requests... and basically all I asked for was to either 1) have my notebook completely repaired or 2) have it replaced with a new unit.

According to UPS Toshiba paid $480 in shipment for the first 3 repair jobs, not to mention whatever it cost for the refurbished parts they undoubtedly used and the time paid for the tech to "fix" the notebook. From my point looking in it seems as if it would have been just cheaper to replace the notebook than to go through all of this. The 4th repair, of which my notebook is sitting at their HQ in Irvine instead of the UPS repair depot, was sent through FedEx next day and insured for the full amount. Their tab again, no idea what that one cost them.

The funny thing is I never thought to research Toshiba, thinking at the time they had to be better than the likes of Dell, Gateway, or HP... or at least equal to them. I have had experience with Dell and HP and they simply are better, at least when dealing with support. I mean even if Dell has a huge report on the BBB, at least it seems like they answer, good or bad.


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