Friday, June 30, 2006

Actions Taken

During your attempts to get the machine fixed you decide to start making contacts. You find out from other sites such as Eric Mack Online and Tablet PC Buzz Toshiba Forum that you are not the only person having similar problems. You contact them, talk to them about the issues.

You also decide to contact the state attorney general, the better business bureau, and a couple of other watchdog organizations to get the ball rolling. Your notebook obviously is not getting fixed and it has now been almost 2 months in the making. Things do not look peachy at all.

You get a letter from the BBB about the time your notebook makes it in to the HQ of the company in question. BBB has stated they could do nothing because the company refused to respond.

The BBB does teach you something though: the company has an "F" rating and pretty interesting complaints that match your case almost to a tee.


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